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Project Description
This is a collection of examples using Microsoft;s SSDS Cloud database services.
As of 2008-12-13 release, all code is updated and points to SQL Data Services CTP Public servers.

These projects were built w/ .NET 2.0 C# on WinXP. No need for Vista, VS2008 or Azure SDKs.

2008-12-13 - general update to clean up code diffs for CTP Public release of SQL Data Services. All code now conforms to SDS standards and points to SDS servers
2008-11-15 - updated release includes PhotoDemo web app, updated codebase to support JOIN, ORDERBY, TAKE, bug fixes and other items
2008-10-13 - updated release includes Entity-Binding strongly-typed DatsSet example for SSDS
2008-09-08 - updated release includes improved SSDSDeploy.exe, SSDS-proxy, and Provision Client w/ blob support and other items
2008-08-18 - updated release includes new SSDSDeploy.exe console app to upload BLOBs via REST interface
2008-08-10 - updated release includes RSS Feeds and improved refresh for Guestbook client Demo app.
2008-07-31 - updated release including new Guestbook client Demo app.
2008-07-21 - release updated w/ minor UI tweaks and server caching improvements.
2008-07-20 - updated example code now includes SSDS.EXE console app that supports batch scripting against the SSDS servers.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Mike Amundsen

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